Whitening face serum

Intensive whitening serum with a depigmenting factor, recommended for facial area, neck and décolleté. Included in the factor is sodium phytate which:

– whitens discolourations
– reduces intensiveness and size of freckles and sunspots
– balances skin tone

This ingredient slows down the pigmentation process. As tested and confirmed by INVIVO research, sodium phytate stimulates natural exfoliation of the corneal layer of the epidermis, so it whitens skin discolourations and clearly balances its tone. The whitening factor is augmented by adding essences from various plants: chamomile, lemon, cucumber and mulberry, which whitening effect is well-known. This serum has not only whitening but also an anti-ageing effect. Vitamin E protects the skin from the results of early ageing, increases its softness and elasticity. Allantoin, included in the formula, cares for the skin and guarantees it adequate moisturising. It intensively alleviates skin irritations and inflammatory reactions, and it decreases a tendency to generate rubefaction.

Stosowanie produktu

Directions for use: Rub a few drops of serum in the morning and evening on clean facial area, neck and décolleté. Use alone or as a basis for cream. The whitening effect becomes visible after 8-10 weeks of use.


Pojemność w ml: 30
Ilość sztuk w opakowaniu: 65

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