DERMO LIFT – Eye cream 50+

Exclusive eye cream that lifts and nourishes the skin DERMO LIFT 50+ with A SKIN RENEWAL REACTIVATOR. This is an innovative product which smoothens out wrinkles and increases the density, and elasticity of the skin. The cream nourishes and rejuvenates the skin and eliminates dark circles, and puffiness under the eyes.

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– Oligosaccharides from chicory – a modern active ingredient has a clear effect of lifting and tensing. It`s immediate effects are long-lasting as it increases the synthesis of collagen.

– Hyaluronic acid – actively moisturizes and prevents transepidermal water loss from skin.

– Collagen – regenerates, moisturizes and smoothens the skin, fills and effectively fights the signs of aging.

– Vitamin E is known as the “Vitamin of Youth”. It protects against environmental pollutants and free radicals, strengthens the skin.

– Urea – provides long-term moisturizing.

– Argan oil is obtained from “the Tree of Life”. It reduces transepidermal water loss and has a high content of omega 6 acid which regenerates and nourishes the skin.

Stosowanie produktu

Aby uzyskać widoczny efekt, nakładaj krem ​​na skórę wokół oczu dwa razy dziennie.


Pojemność w ml: 40
Ilość sztuk w opakowaniu: 50

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